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By: bremleylyngdoh
April 9, 2014

Agro Eco-Village Project

20 Donated
1 Donors
£ 50000 Goal

Our goal is to develop a pilot project for a combined self-sustaining jungle resort and agroforestry farm that is partly funded by revenue streams coming from tourism, leisure and hospitality. This project we can replicate then to create a network of these agro ecotourist destinations across the North East Region of India and beyond.

In partnership with Incredible India and Umlamphlang Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society we are developing an Agro Eco-Village Project to support agro ecotourism and create sustainable livelihoods for the local communities in order to help reduce poverty in Raid Sakra, Ri Bhoi District Meghalaya, India. This project will be a step further by linking tourism and conservation of this unique and mysterious landscape.

The entire concept of the agro eco-village has composed of central bungalow and 10 smaller cabins, all inspired by hobbit style and round shape for permanent open mind without any limitations and imagination running wild. It has based on using of ancient methods of civil engineering only from local natural materials with combination of modern technologies of renewable energy systems, everything perfectly in harmony with idyllic surroundings and panoramic view of the hills and forest around. Central bungalow has offered complete facilities for management and tourists as a kitchen with storage room, staff offices, café, bar, restaurant, room for ecological seminars and workshops, zones for relaxing, various leisure activities, exercising, dancing, meditation, worships, traditional “Khasi spa” and herbal treatments.

Each of the smaller cabins has created by captivating architecture combined with modern convenience, luxury and minimum negative impact on the environment, offered in two different versions – for couples and families. Interior has divided into a main living area, sufficiently airy with plenty of sunshine, bedroom and bathroom. It has to be suggested such a way as to satisfy the conditions of connection and integration into the surrounding nature and certainly with regard to the wind power and his direction, monsoons and all secure precautions against e.g. mosquitoes, etc.

Through this donation you will help create sustainable livelihoods for the local communities thus to reduce poverty in Meghalaya.