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Daisy Healy

Daisy Healy
Daisy Healy
Position held: Director of Leadership Development and Women Empowerment
Key Competencies: Branding and PR, Marketing, Social Media Outreach, Sustainable Fashion, Leadership Development and Women Empowerment

Daisy Healy is a communications and women empowerment specialist with an MSc in Social Science Research Methods and sociology (top distinction), PhD candidate, currently studying her Master of Business Administration (Power MBA). She has extensive experience in marketing communications, leadership development coaching and women empowerment consultancy. This includes course curriculum design and workshop facilitation for corporates, NGOs and British schools (Personal Social Health Education curriculum), currently licensed and operating in the UK.

Daisy is currently working on several gender empowerment projects with the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Accelerating Women’s Enterprise (up-skilling rural women in entrepreneurship across the UK and France), and also working in collaboration with North East Indian anti-human trafficking organisations, helping women at risk to create environmentally sustainable and fair-trade livelihoods.

Daisy is also a trained C-me Colour Profiling Leadership Development Activator coach with the management consultancy firm, C-me Colour Profiling. She is passionate about seeing women empowered with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge any oppression standing in their way, to achieve whatever it is that they need, or desire.