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Carlos Navarro Martinez

Carlos Navarro Martinez
Carlos Navarro Martinez
Position held: Chief Operating Officer

Carlos Navarro was born in the Canary Islands, at the age of 14 he enrolled at Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland. He then moved to New York and graduated at La Salle Military Academy. He holds a Hospitality Management Diploma at Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland and studied at MBA Business school in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He then specialised in Environmental Management of International Tourism Development at Harvard University Extension School.

Navarro Martinez is a social impact consultancy that works with foundations and reforestation projects around the world. Carlos is Chief Operating Officer of Worldview Impact Foundation and Advisor to Ecofriend World and Worldview International Foundation.

He recently Co founded “The Planet Brand”, a social enterprise destined to the planet with the aim of restoring mangrove ecosystems and other endengered forests by planting 1B trees before 2030 in support of the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

WIF has already planted 12M mangroves trees in the lower delta region of Myanmar.