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Daisy Healy

Daisy Healy

Director of Leadership Development and Women Empowerment

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Organic farming

Nyando District, Kenya


Green goodness

London, United Kingdom


Agro eco-village

Meghalaya, North East India


Operation SDZ

Dawei District, Myanmar

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Worldview Impact Foundation is a non-profit international organisation with a mission to making an impact at the grassroots to create positive changes. It is working on mitigating climate change by creating sustainable livelihoods for the poor while reducing poverty to improve living conditions in the developing world. Its objective is to create an enabling environment for local people to actively participate in an array of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects such as carbon sequestration through reforestation and afforestation projects in both terrestrial and marine fragile ecosystems.

Building International Partnerships

We are building partnerships with governments, NGOs and the private sector to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Fighting Global Climate Change

We are fighting global climate change by engaging local people in different countries around the world to develop their own mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods

We are creating sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable communities around the world by training them on regenerative agriculture and ecosystem services.

Engaging Young People into Action

We are engaging young people around the world to make a difference and serve their communities via the annual Global Youth Service Day celebrations.

Addressing Sustainable Development

We are addressing sustainable development by working with governments, NGOs and the private sector to implement the 17 UN Goals by 2030.

Mobilising Resources for Various Projects

We are mobilising resources for various projects around the world via our impact investment platform where individuals and corporations can contribute.



We have entered into strategic alliances with partners from all over the world who share a common vision and help us implement projects in the EU, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia & Oceania.